Cat recently diagnosed with CRF. Values are Ok, but he seems super lethargic

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Cat recently diagnosed with CRF. Values are Ok, but he seems super lethargic

Post by AndreE » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:46 pm


So im really lost and not sure what to do.

I want to know if i should be freaking out about my cat being a bit lethargic, and lacking appetite, or if its somehing that is expected on his situation:

My cat was diagnosed witg CRF a week ago. His bloodwork was only slightly above the normal values, so i was tols by the vet its an early stage. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days with fluids and came back home last sunday.

It was kind of a struggle to get him to eat his perscription food, but eventually i found one that he tolerates.

This past week he seemed quite lethargic. First few days i attributed it to him being still a bit scared from being in the vet for 2 nights.

This past Thursday i took him back to the vet, as i was worried about his lethargy, so i scheduled anotger appointment. His bloodwork came the same, vet said he was great (considering). I know his creatinine values where 2.8, from a max of 2.5, and his BUN was only slightly above its max value.

Some days he seems a bit more receptive to playing if i interact with him, yesterday he seemed a bit more lethargic. today he spent all morning sleeping on one of his pillows on a different room than me.

Is this something that is normal? Or am i right to be rrally worried about his lack of energy? Food wise, he seems to be eating closeish to the recomended amount - 2 pouches of wet food per day. I spent all day at work yesterday, but i saw him drinking a bit from his water fountain yestersay night.

He is taking fortekor (half pill daily), and a gastric protector (1/4 pill).

Ive asked different vets, they all tell me to bring him in, and dont really give an opinion. Im kind of avoiding brining him in to another appointment on a new doctor, since they will probably redoo the tests he has done the past week. Hes bloodwork done on Thursday, urine and blood and ultrassounds (i think is what its called, english isnt my main language) last weekend when he spent 3 days at the vet.

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Re: Cat recently diagnosed with CRF. Values are Ok, but he seems super lethargic

Post by greenkitty » Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:51 am

I've found CRF is real roller coaster, good days, bad days, up and down - if you haven't found it already there's a great website which is full of useful information on what to expect and treatments. They also have a really good forum with some very experienced folks on it.

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Re: Cat recently diagnosed with CRF. Values are Ok, but he seems super lethargic

Post by Antonio » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:19 am

I think that being your cat slightly above the max levels for a CKD the lethargy isn't what I would expect.
If the levels were bad enough to give lethargy you should also see other symptoms like a bad breath, I mean a breath smelling worse that it usually does, most like urine or ammonia.
I would think that something else is going on.
Do you see him breathing normally? I mean, is he panting, or is his breathing faster than 30 bpm at rest? Is it regular?
Sometimes the lethargy is given by heart issues and these might reflect on breathing.
I would investigate further, in my opinion a first stage kidney failure does not justify the lethargy.
Best wishes!

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Re: Cat recently diagnosed with CRF. Values are Ok, but he seems super lethargic

Post by pricey42 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:16 pm

So sorry to hear your cat has crf but good news is it's at it's early stage and many cats live for years with this illness.

I agree that the lethargy shouldn't be an issue at this stage. Could it be the medicine causing it? Or perhaps the stress of the vet visits?

When you first find this out it's shocking news and as greenkitty says - a total rollercoaster of emotions. I was a mess when I found out and all over the place!

Hope your cat feels better soon.


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