Renal food

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Renal food

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Hi all. Haven't posted for a while...

Our Millie has been diagnosed with kidney disease, and I have a box of different renal foods that she is refusing to have anything to do with. If anyone in London (we're in Hackney/Stoke Newington) can use it, there's about £60+ worth of food there. I'd be grateful for a donation towards the cost, but otherwise I'll end up throwing it away. Can anyone use it? There are quite a few Hills tins as well as other renal food I got from Zooplus to try to get her to eat.

She has finally settled on Royal Canin, with the odd fresh chicken meal thrown in.
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Re: Renal food

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I had similar with Oscar and urinary food...he bloody hated it and I had spent over £70 ! I took it to our local cat charity and our local RSPCA...they were very grateful.
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