You All Need To Buy Whiskas Dentabites!

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Harv Setterfield
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You All Need To Buy Whiskas Dentabites!

Post by Harv Setterfield » Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:30 pm

Just a quick heads up for people. A few years ago my little monster Georgie used to LOVE her Dreamies like most puss cats. I was in the supermarket a few years ago and saw some Dentabites on the shelf and thought I'd try them out to see if she liked them.

Not only does she like them just as much as Dreamies but they also clean her teeth as she eats them.

She was at the vets about 7 months ago for her MOT and the vet thought that I'd been physically cleaning her teeth every day!

So give them a go, they really work and are often on sale in supermarkets for 2 for £2.

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