Cats renal falure

IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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Cats renal falure

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I had 2 cats that was poisoned.They both was hospitalised at the vets.On drips etc. Unfortunately one died. The vet gave little hope for the other as his phosphorus levels were sky high,also his creatine and his kidneys damaged by 70%.But i asked him to do all he could.The vet bill was huge but i couldn't give up on him. After a week on intravenous medication he was allowed home with Ipakatine powder which is a phosphorus binder and Fortekor tablets which improves blood supply to the kidneys.The vet said his life expectancy was weeks. He had to have a specially renal diet but he would not eat any. I tried everyone of them. He was loosing weight and I thought there was nothing else i could do, untill i found one last hope.Raw food diet. i bought the turkey mince and added a renal cat food supplement called felini. which contains all the vitammin's and nutrients for a balanced diet.I added some water and gave it him.He ate it all and wanted more.That was 5 months ago and he is still enjoying life. I took him to the vet for a check up. The vet was lost for words at how well he was and wanted to know what i had been giving him.The blood test did show however his red blood cells were slightly low as his bone marrow was not making enough.So i have found another supplement called HemoDol mini for cats. HemoDol aims to balance the Iron requirements in Dogs and Cats. HemoDol plays an important role to maintain normal Haemoglobin formation, red blood cells, level of oxygen in body cells, muscle functions, energy and to support the immune system.
I hope this helps anyone who is going through the same with their cat.
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Re: Cats renal falure

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Thanks for your tips, though it comes from a sad experience.
I hope your kitty is doing better and better every day!
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