Cat scratching himself until he bleeds

IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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Re: Cat scratching himself until he bleeds

Post by Jan » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:12 pm

Hello Isabel

I am so sorry to read of your cat's scratching problem .... I know only too well how distressing it is to see a cat tearing itself to pieces with scratching.

The jacket we were sold at the clinic by a locum vet can be found on (if your vet does not stock them. I assume you can buy them direct. It was the best £17 I ever spent on our cat. The locum suggested we kept the shirt on for 10 days before returning to our own vet. She had a look at his skin underneath and told us to keep the shirt on for another week, We still laugh about Blackie trying desperately to get the jacket off and ending up with the elasticated neck round his stomach. He never tried that trick again!

The shirt worked a treat - we haven't had another repeat episode ... and long may it stay that way as we have enough to deal with having been told at 17+ years he now has kidney disease and has to have a renal diet ... which naturally he hates!

Good luck - Do please let me know how you get on.

Jan .

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Re: Cat scratching himself until he bleeds

Post by fjm » Wed Sep 02, 2020 6:50 am

Hi Isabel - my cat Pippin has exactly the same reaction to spot on flea treatments, and to surgical spirit (worth bearing in mind for future vet visits - if he ever needs an injection or blood tests involving cleansing the skin ask them to wash the residue off immediately after with lots of warm water. It makes all the difference for Pip.). i found the best thing to use on the sores was Hypercal (hypericum and calendula) ointment - the ointment not the cream. I checked with a vet years ago to be sure it is safe for cats, and was assured that it is, but you may want to ask your own vet just to be certain. The herbs soothe and promote healing, while the lanolin in the ointment base keeps the wound from drying and cracking and getting itchy. Poor Hugo's problem sounds more extreme, but it may be worth trying hypercal together with the jacket. And do remember to get warm water after surgical spirit added to his vet notes, just in case!

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Re: Cat scratching himself until he bleeds

Post by jazzyrjw » Thu Oct 01, 2020 7:11 pm

Hello all my cat lovers on this chat area.
i have read all the posts about Blackie and the other ctas who had similar problems.
Let me introduce myself.I am Richard (jazzyrjw). Yes i play piano in a band.

I have a 5yr old cat who adopted me suddenly when he was a very small adorable kitten. Three months later I was asked if I had taken in a Ginger boy cat with short legs. I had, and I told the neighbour who was asking. Apparently he had been rescued from the Heydon Cat Santuary near my home outside Cambridge, along with his much bigger brother, who, the chap said were not getting on with each other.

They were worried when he went missing until they saw him up my gravel driveway waiting for me to come home from looking after an elderly lady who had been the recipient in hospital of a liver transplant many years ago. I had a visitor staying with me from Australia and she had brought her daughter Jade with her at the time. They were surprised I had the kitten but Jade squealed with delight as he was the same colour as her tangy Twiglets she was munching furiously. She immediately called him Twiglet. He never leaves my side other than when it is the rutting season (end of summer). Then he disappears until the late evening but still comes back when I call him. God only knows how many lady cats and kittens he knows. I did see him one hot summer night with a beautiful (Calico) tortoiseshell lady cat he seemed to be very interested in.

To cut a long story short, 2 yrs ago at the end of summer he developed some scaly encrusted scabs between his shoulder blades which felt very nasty. I thought he had been in a fight but he was scratching like mad (I think from fleas) and concentrating on areas causing him discomfort. He was chewing them until on some occasions he pulled fur out and left a bald patch of skin. I immediately went and got Fipronil and dosed him straight away.

To my amazement the fleas all disappeared immediately and two or three days later, the encrustation dried up and miraculously disappeared as well. What a relief. Wherever he found flees again two months later and was scratching at them, I gave him another dose and sure enough it worked. I have just noticed this year Autumn time that he developed the identicall symptoms again. I tried the Fipronil and the fleas immediately departed. It may take a few days before the encrustation goes again. I will keep in touch with you all and let you know how he is fairing.

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