Jealous aggression

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Jealous aggression

Post by labrown13 »

Hi all
My little guy Costello is so jealous of my computer. He’s a sweetheart normally but when I’m not paying attention to him he becomes aggressive and lunges at me in attack mode....and bites really hard
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Re: Jealous aggression

Post by Lilith »

Hi and welcome :)

Ohh the bad lad!

This link might help - there's also a link to a free email advice site about behavioural problems - ... aggression

My younger cat is prone to aggression and what I've found helps with her is that - crime doesn't pay. I say 'no', quietly, or hiss, and ignore her for a short time, returning to talk to her as normal - and praise her for being a good girl. If you have to correct, always balance it with loads of praise and affection, but if they're offending, don't be afraid to show your displeasure - but quietly. A good keyword I've found is 'WHAT did I say?' in an outraged whisper, but with great huffing and puffing of indrawn breath lol.

I also keep my hand absolutely still if it's being attacked - snatching it away stimulates more aggression. You have to move slowly - but this takes practice, I realise.

Is it possible to shut Costello out of the room when you're working on the computer? Or will he excavate the carpet? As they do ...

Hopefully others will be along soon with more advice but hope this helps for now - and good luck! :)

Re: Jealous aggression

Post by Patricialee »

I guess you should give time to your kitty also. He needs your attention.
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Re: Jealous aggression

Post by milesdavid »

I guess it's just your kitty wanted to play with you like all the time :D
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