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Aggressive cat!

Posted: Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:23 pm
by valt
I got Diesel in Oct 2013 aged approx. 18 months. He is a very handsome large (6kg) black and white neutered Tom. I knew he had been badly treated in the past but was happy to take him on.
Life was generally fine – there was the odd swipe at visitors who walked past him and the odd growl if he was petted by stranger or if they came too close – and he visibly jumped at sudden loud noises but generally everything was ok.
In August 2016 I was in bed listening to the radio (on my bedside table) when, as part of the program, there was the sound of 2 cats fighting. Diesel jumped up and launched himself at my head with teeth and claws. I took Diesel to the vet and there was no obvious cause for the attack – it was thought that as the radio was so close he thought I was making the noise. I was very wary of him and very shortly afterwards he stopped being able to pee – he had a blockage - and needed to go to vet hospital. It was touch and go for a while but he recovered and the vet advised putting him on antidepressants (amiltriptyline) as there was no obvious cause for the blockage and they found this helpful. He also saw a behaviourist (covered by pet insurance) and we gradually regained trust. He was much more friendly – even becoming a lap cat and was eventually weaned off the tablets.
In August 2018 I was listening on my phone to a youtube video of a puppy learning to bark. Diesel was in another room but came dashing in and attacked my arm with teeth and claws. Again I took him to the vet who said there was no obvious cause and he was referred to a vet behaviourist who put him on fluvoxamine. After regaining trust, which took some time, we get along well.
The problem I have is that there is a new cat in the neighbourhood and this is spooking him out making him hiss, growl and bite at anything and everything. He is lovely 90% of the time but 10% of the time he is horrid! And he can change really quickly. The vet behaviourist is going to see if any additional medicine is suitable – but is not hopeful. I just don’t think I can live any longer with an aggressive cat that I have to be so careful with re noises. I can control many things at home but I can’t control the new cat. I am going to discuss options with vet behaviourist including re-homing but can’t see who would want to take him on.
Has anyone else had a similar experience? How did they cope? I feel so guilty for not being able to help him but tho I did recover from the previous 2 experiences this new problem has left me very anxious.