Tooth Reabsorption, Potential Oral Cancer - Thoughts?

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Tooth Reabsorption, Potential Oral Cancer - Thoughts?

Post by Reba » Fri May 24, 2019 7:51 pm

Greetings from Ottawa, Canada

Would appreciate your analysis.

My two vets and feline dental specialist do not really know what is wrong with my beloved cat Reba. They all say Reba does not profile normal on anything.

What is currently on the table is:

• Spinning
• Confirmed tooth reabsorption
• Jaw grinding, mouth jawing
• Wondering about feline stomatitis
• Potential oral cancer

My dearest fur child Reba is a 9 year old medium long hair pastel calico. Was found lost in the woods when 8 weeks old. I have been her human mother all her life. Reba has wanted for nothing.

Reba has a “deformed vault” in her head, confirmed by MRI. She has done epileptic spins (head bent to left side of body, biting side, spinning to the left in a rapid spin). Most of the time she comes out of it well. Sometimes a day or two to return to normal.

Two months ago she had the worst spins of her life over total of 4 days. That settled together with aid of sedation. Two weeks Reba was back to normal.

Then she suddenly started to “jaw” – her head bent to right side, “sawing” jaw up and down on right side, shaking head from side to side, some pawing to face. This was new to Reba.

Vet confirmed the last tooth on the lower right jaw line was tooth reabsorption, clear on x-ray. Just behind the tooth against the jaw was an inflamed, ulcer like, area. The tooth was extracted cleanly with no residue. A piece of the inflamed area was also removed and placed in solution for future analysis. Vet confirmed no evidence of oral cancer on visual inspection and x-ray. All Reba’s teeth were cleaned and x-ray indicated no further tooth reabsorption.

Unfortunately Reba kept “jawing” despite two pain killers and even after stitches dissolved. Back to vet who confirmed that the corresponding upper tooth was puncturing the previous extraction area. Off to feline dental specialist in Montreal, who extracted two upper teeth. She also removed the ulcer like area and confirmed no visual evidence of oral cancer.

Unfortunately, even with morphine shots, Reba’s “jawing” kept getting worse. Reba’s food is pureed even then after she eats a bit, she starts to “jaw”. When she yawns, she “jaws”.

To vet yesterday who said where the previous ulcer site is, it is a bit red and swollen. This is the right side where the majority of the “jawing” is most pronounced. The vet was out of explanations other than oral cancer. Sent the previous specimen for biopsy. Reba does not present with any of the typical symptoms of oral cancer.

Three vets have examined tissue from this area and none of them have expressed alarm. Oral cancer is usually fast spreading, nothing much has changed in Reba’s jaw.

As the fur mother, I am upset. So I did more research and learned that feline stomatitis is linked to tooth reabsorption; both conditions are very painful. The stomatitis is an autoimmune situation involving inflammation. Sent this idea to vet who called this morning and agreed to pursue this angle as she has some, but not all, symptoms of this conditions. This afternoon, Reba started her anti-inflammatory. Thankfully, my vets are very open minded and curious and will pursue all ideas.

The spin to today = 2 months. It is really hard on Reba and her fur parents.

I believe that “many hands/brains make light work” – so may I ask you to share your analysis as to what is happening to by most beloved Reba Deba Do?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

PS, I caught a stray cat in my backyard in Toronto using a raccoon cage. I named him Courageous Man. He had one ear flap folded down due to frost bite. He was the dearest gentleman, he died at 6 years due to kidney failure, we found out he had only one kidney. What you do to help stray cats is outstanding, I support many organizations in Ottawa where I live.

Thank you kindly.

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Re: Tooth Reabsorption, Potential Oral Cancer - Thoughts?

Post by Ruth B » Fri May 24, 2019 9:05 pm

Poor girl, it sounds like things are easy for her or for you.

I can't really give any advice I don't have any experience of reabsortion or stomatitis, however my one thought is have any investigations gone beyond the mouth area. Could the problem be further back in the jaw joint or even up towards the ear, something linked more to her spinning (which i am assuming are almost a type of seizure) rather than her teeth. If she suddenly got worse after a bad spinning session it does make me wonder if it is more linked to that.

Hopefully someone else will be on with alternative ideas.

Give Reba a good fuss from me.

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Re: Tooth Reabsorption, Potential Oral Cancer - Thoughts?

Post by Reba » Sat May 25, 2019 1:14 am

Oh thank you so much from Reba's human momma.

I do agree, there is something linked between the big spinning session and the onset of the "jawing" - although Reba did have the tooth reabsorption.

It is difficult because it is hard for Reba to eat - she inevitably starts "jawing" after she eats food - so from Reba's perspective food = pain.

Gosh I wish our dear fur children could talk and understand us.

Something I would fix if I had enough power.

Thanks so much to everyone.

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