Peeing issues

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Peeing issues

Post by Catherine1982 »

Hi guys, I have this query about lovely cat, Jack

Male tabby cat approx. 11 years old, FIV+ (no medication)
• Indoor
• Nov 2018 had to have emergency surgery to have remaining teeth removed, also had skin condition (cleared up with treatment)
• He has been weeing in his scratch board and am in the same room as him – come home from work / at the weekend
• Does it generally once a day
• Try to clear poo out of litter soon after he does it
• Otherwise well behaved
• I do praise him for using the scratch board to scratch and try to ignore the weeing
• Doesn’t yowl if pick him up
• What I’ve tried and failed
o Different scratching things e.g. mat
o 2nd litter box with hood in place of the scratch board
o Feliway
o 2 litter boxes in the same spare room next to each other
NB he’s never had this issue before – I adopted him over 3 years ago.

I'd be grateful for any advice given. Thanks in advance

Catherine & Jack x
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Re: Peeing issues

Post by exlibris »

I had the same problem with my 19 year old, Bakamono. We've had him since a kitten, suddenly at about 10 he started peeing on the bottom of the stairs. It was definitely him responding to neighbourhood male cats scenting the back door. Also, one kept breaking in (and I mean that, it shattered the flap) and stealing Backy's food. Backy was very stressed. When we moved to a much nicer area he seemed to have stopped....then it all started again. I was beside myself - what was stressing him out? Sadly it seemed to be our other cat Twitch, however they had been together since kittens, but Twitch had developed feline dementia, so we think it was like a stranger was in the house. When she died, he just stopped peeing on the stairs.
Backy does dump on the litter tray mat now, but this is because it's near the french windows - where he can see neighbourhood cats. He's marking his territory, but thank goodness he's not doing it on anything important, and it's easy to clean.
Even though Jack is an inside cat, you might want to see who's coming to harass him at the back door. For example - we had the cat food next to a glass door, so the neighbourhood cats were staring at poor Backy while he tried to eat (I taped some paper over the bottom bit in the end). Cats may be marking your back door, you might want to see if this can be scrubbed?
Hope this helps the old man.
Sarah & Backy.
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Re: Peeing issues

Post by Mollycat »

What are you using to clean up? Bleach breaks down letting off an ammonia smell which can smell like cat pee to a cat and encourage them to keep on going in the same spot. Is it a marking spray or a pee? It sounds like he is marking for some reason. Or if he only does it in front of you, maybe a protest - has anything changed in that room, have your work hours or routine changed in any way? Have you changed job, are you coming home with a different scent on you? Does he look at you when he does it? We had a cat who would sometimes pee in the corner if a visitor sat in 'her' chair, while looking straight at them!
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