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Hi all,

I have a 3 and a bit year old male moggie who was neutered as a kitten. He's a slim boy and very hairy. He's a fussy eater always has been, he only really likes whiskers fish range and duck and chicken.

The problem I need advice with he has recently started to meow alot more than usual. It's usually when he first enters the house and if he can't immediately see us he will meow continuously until I greet him back, the other thing he's started to do is at night he will sit outside the back door and meow continuously.. he has a cat flap that he could use but he just doesn't. Some times he stares through the cat flap again not using it just meowing, a couple of times I've had to open the door for him. I'm reluctant to get into that pattern of doing it if it is just he's lonely or wanting attention, although I'm a massive softy so give in quite easy. I just wondered if anyone had experienced this, if anyone had any theories or advice. I don't see him go to the toilet as he's an outdoors cat, no problems with his food or fluid and he purrs alot so he seems happy.

Any advice would be greatly received.
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Re: Meowing

Post by lilynmitz »

Have you checked his eyesight and hearing? Just a thought. Sight can deteriorate slowly over a period of time - I adopted an 8 yr old moggie who had been in rescue two years, but he was so well adapted no-one realised he was blind till I got him home. But he used to meow a lot for all sorts of reasons, but mostly to get out attention as he wanted something from us, or sometimes because he was simply scared.

But the other main potential reason that springs to mind is there being a new cat on the block making him feel insecure, he may have had a dust up with it, and being a bit on the skinny side, this may make him feel particularly insecure
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Re: Meowing

Post by Kay »

my 17 year old sometimes decides she can't get into the house through the cat flap she's been using all her life - from the noises I hear she scrabbles at it and if it doesn't immediately open she doesn't try again - do you think it's possible your boy has found the flap doesn't open as easily as he's used to? The door can get a bit stuck with shed hair, and you say he's very hairy - and probably shedding like mad in the warm weather

I'd be inclined to give it a good wipe over morning and evening just in case it is that easy
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