Will a new kitten catch calici virus from a young cat?

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Will a new kitten catch calici virus from a young cat?

Post by Blue Wind » Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:35 am

One of our neighbours called around and asked if we would consider taking on a young kitten. Our young cat, 10-11 months came from a rescue group and she was found as a feral, the rescue people never told me she had calici, even though she has been spayed and had full vaccinations. One of the vets from our practice told me she could infect other cats. Our cat, a female, is healthy and lively.
Has anyone any experience of calici virus, our vet says that it has come directly from her mother, and should we consider giving this kitten a home or keep our cat as a single one?

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Re: Will a new kitten catch calici virus from a young cat?

Post by Mollycat » Mon Jul 29, 2019 5:04 pm

It is "highly infectious" and evolves quickly, meaning that it's also difficult for vaccines to keep up. Personally I don't think I would take the risk as a kitten would be more vulnerable to more serious symptoms. As far as I'm aware they are especially vulnerable from 9 weeks to 3 years of age, after that they can still get infected though.

Cats are not naturally group animals though they can and do adapt very well to living in social groups. But they very rarely get lonely or suffer from not having a feline companion, unless they have been used to it. And girls tend to be less sociable than boys, unless they stay in a family group. I can understand your wanting to take on this kitten but it might not be the best idea.

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