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My cat is caged for six weeks; both feeling desperate

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 3:00 pm
by Blue Wind
Our year old female had a run in with a fox or dog a fortnight ago. She had surgery for wounds and dislocations and has been prescribed six weeks cage rest.
Prior to this Daphne was an extra active cat with a wide territory for a female. She is finding confinement difficult, she is eating well though has been constipated. She plays with the water bowl (a heavy ceramic one) and the crate is soaked and I am having to water her at intervals. The cone will be coming off this week. The vet said she needs stimulation and I have bought one of the Trixie Boards but she is little interested.
I have sat her on my knee a few times so she could have the cone off, but although she enjoyed washing herself she became excited and scratched me extensively.
I am not where the next stage is, has anyone any tips or advice?

Re: My cat is caged for six weeks; both feeling desperate

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:37 pm
by alanc
I had to cage rest my Tilly for over 8 weeks 6 years ago after major surgery to her back leg. She also is (well, was, she is getting a bit old now) an active cat and being a Maine Coon, rather larger than your girl, I expect! We survived - they do calm down a bit with time and accept their fate, although I had a few scares the first week.
How big is the cage? I used two dog crates, so she could have a litter tray and play area in one and bed and feeding bowl in the other. A plastic water bowl attached to the crate frame sorted out the worst of the play with water bowl business (and getting her bandage wet). One of Tilly's favorite toys is a mouse with a pull tail to wind it up which kept her amused.
I did have the advantage of two cats at that time, with Badger spending a lot of time on top of Tilly's cage, keeping her company. He also on at least one occasion caught a mouse which he gave to her to play with (I never admitted that to the vets, as she was not supposed to jump about.
Best of luck with Daphne and I hope she recovers well.

Re: My cat is caged for six weeks; both feeling desperate

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:52 pm
by fjm
I know rather more about crate rest games for dogs than cats, but some ideas might be:
Playing whack-a-mouse - for example a small soft toy on a stick that appears in different places from under a blanket or box set against the crate . A box set on its side with some holes cut in the bottom to poke the mouse through might work. You can adjust the height and distance so that she doesn't overdo things. The same toy could hide under a blanket in the crate and wiggle temptingly.
Treats hidden under lightweight plastic balls in a muffin tin.
Clicker training some tricks.
Put the crate by a window, or play some cat friendly videos.

You will probably find that she adapts to the new routine quite quickly - healing is tiring, and sleep and rest are important. I have known people who felt so sorry for their post-op cat they let him out "just for a little run around" and undid all the careful work that had gone before - I know you don't need warning not to succumb to that temptation!

Re: My cat is caged for six weeks; both feeling desperate

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:52 pm
by Blue Wind
Thank you for your replies, it is good to hear from cat owner who have faced similar issues.
I went to the pet store to get an attachable water bowl today and Dappy worked out how to drink from it with her cone straight away, even the vet was impressed. I have put a toy in the cage with her on others advice. She is back for an Xray on Friday as her hock is very puffy and purple. Will keep you posted.