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2 week old Kittens, questions!

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 10:39 am
by HazelBite
Hello everyone,

My housemates and I ended up adopting a cat that was unwanted by a neighbour. We found out she was already pregnant but the landlord agreed to let us look after then rehome the kittens. After that we will be keeping mother. I've never owned a cat before.

Four kittens were born early morning 21/09 so they are now two weeks old. Eyes are open, they seem healthy, have started toddling around mother's nest box.

The vet recommended Hills Science plan so we had her on that for a couple of weeks but then I changed it over. I feed the mother Purizon kitten dry food and animonda kitten wet food, she feeds the kittens. Looking into what was good to feed was the first thing I did (took me hours to choose brands, so many choices!). But I haven't done much research since then I must admit, we've all been so busy in our household. Rather than trawl the internet I thought I'd just bring my next questions straight to some experts.

Currently she is a doting mother that barely leaves them, living inside a roomy cardboard box with newspaper and towels. But she does go outside to use the bathroom...

I'm guessing I should really get a litter box now and keep them all locked inside?
What is the best kind of litter to use for kittens? How often do you clean it?
I don't believe the mother was vaccinated. How soon should I be getting them all vaccinations?
We seem to have four male kittens, how soon do you neuter them?
Is it 8 weeks or 10 that they should be rehomed at?
Is there anything else I should really know about kittens?

Thank you everyone! Would really appreciate any tips or advice.

Re: 2 week old Kittens, questions!

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:58 am
by fjm
It sounds as if you are doing well. Their mother should take care of cleaning them up until they begin to be weaned, but it would be worth having a tray ready - I would try any easily available, inexpensive non-dusty litter.

The kittens will need to be vaccinated at 9 weeks and again at 3 months; they may also need worming and treating for fleas. And Mum will need to be spayed as soon as possible, before she gets pregnant again! I would talk to your vet and get advice on the best timing for vaccinations etc.

Kittens used to be rehomed almost as soon as they were weaned, but these days it is recognised that they benefit from spending more time with Mum and siblings, and often are not homed till around 12 weeks.

And unless you are very experienced at sexing kittens I would ask the vet about that too - in my youth a litter I was convinced were all males grew up into females. It was more than a little embarrassing...!

Re: 2 week old Kittens, questions!

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 2:22 pm
by Mollycat
And neutering well you can ask the vet about early neutering before they go to their forever homes but I think it's still more usual at around 6 months. Some breeders make you sign a contract to neuter and withhold the pedigree papers until they have proof that it's been done, if the kittens are sold as pets not breeding stock. If you do have them done the cost of 4 plus mum might make your eyes water a bit.

Mum should also take care of weaning and litter training them.