Dreaming and therapy?

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Dreaming and therapy?

Post by Mollycat » Sun Oct 06, 2019 10:37 am

Ok it's Sunday morning and another one of my off the wall ideas with all thoughts and experiences and even theories welcome.

We know cats dream, right? The twitching and sometimes squeaking in REM sleep. But has anyone seen any therapeutic benefit from your cat's dreams?

My Molly is a psychologically and emotionally complex little creature with history as all second hand cats are to some extent who has recovered from past traumas to some extent and still has some baggage - to some extent.

A couple of years ago once she had done the worst of her settling in with me, she went through a phase for a few weeks of waking up suddenly, distressed, confused and crying. I would reassure her and after a few minutes she would seem to settle again. The interesting part is that after this phase of dreams ended she became very noticeably calmer and more confident and able to accept longer and closer affection. It was quite a big step in her mental health.

These past few days she has been a bit unsettled and more attention-hungry, similar to how she was before the dreams started last time around, so I'm thinking about it again.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar, particularly with a settling rescue or recovering traumatised cat?

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