New kitten, old cat

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New kitten, old cat

Post by Araneae » Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:06 pm

Really really in despair...

We have a beautiful Burmilla that is two years old and although we are not always out, both of us work and we (rightly or wrongly) thought getting a kitten to keep her company would be a good idea. So we bought a Burmilla boy kitten.

She has always been friendly and curious so when we brought him into the house, we let her see him and she just hissed and growled and ran away... lesson learned!

We set up a room for the kitten with litter, food, bed, toys etc and he has been in there three days. We wiped his face/paws and left items with his scent around the house but our two year old cat avoids them Like the plague. We opened up his door a little so she could see him but now she completely avoids upstairs.

We read somewhere that if you hide him and put the existing cat in his room, she can be curious about the scent and ease her into it but when we tried she avoided the entire room. I stupidly (I know, I made a mistake) took her in there and closed the door with us inside and she just growled the whole time... now she won’t even sleep with us and has been in her cat tree all day and night, only coming down for food and litter.

Damage control?

-I love her more than anything... how do I regain her trust and get her used to him?

-He is locked in a room that we can’t be in all the time so he gets lonely and I want that to end... he cries a lot of the day because he has always had company and attention, but I can’t let him out... what do I do?

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Re: New kitten, old cat

Post by Cat-FAQ » Tue Oct 08, 2019 8:19 am


The following pages on the main Cat Chat site might be useful for you:
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I hope that you find a way forward for your two furries.

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Re: New kitten, old cat

Post by Lisamum » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:06 pm

Hi Araneae,

I wondered how you are getting on? I have a similar situation where my old cat is struggling to accept a new kitten, so I'm really interested to hear how things are working out?

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