Senior cat not eating

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Senior cat not eating

Post by Jalofasho510 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:21 pm

Rocky is 15, about a year and a half ago he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. He had lost a lot of weight, had all of the symptoms. It has been a struggle since then to get his meds regulated, he is not an easy cat to give medicine to. Finally we were putting it in baby food and he was eating it. This last month it was starting to work he was gaining weight his Fur looked good. Then this last week he started eating less and less and now won’t eat anything. I have resorted to putting pate cat food on his paws and he’s forced to eat. I noticed when he swallows sometimes
It is like he is gulping. He purrs, doesn’t throw up, drinking water and has energy. He is even crying and going to his food bowl like he is hungry. His vet wants to see him every three months and that time is almost due. But the stress on him and myself to be put in a cat carrier and take him to the vet is almost unbearable.He has lost a considerable amount of weight again I just don’t know what to do. I know the answer is to take him to the vet but I was wondering what you thought of a holistic means to treating the hyperthyroidism? If his Eating is not any better I will end up taking him to the vet.

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Re: Senior cat not eating

Post by Mollycat » Wed Oct 16, 2019 4:55 am

Welcome to the forum, poor Rocky. Has your vet discussed the diet option with you? It's a pate food and must be given exclusively because it works by starving the thyroid gland of the iodine it needs to make thyroid hormone.

No there is no holistic way to treat or control hyperthyroidism. It's a serious condition that can lead to heart failure and blindness though so no treatment isn't a realistic option either. How bad was Rocky last time he was checked? Would the radioactive iodine or surgery be an option for you?

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Re: Senior cat not eating

Post by fjm » Wed Oct 16, 2019 7:03 am

I wonder if it is a mouth or throat problem making him reluctant to eat, rather than the hyperthyroidism? Most - not all - hyperthyroid cats are desperate for food to meet the needs of the rapid metabolism the disease causes. As Molly says, there are very effective alternatives to daily medication, if your cat is a good candidate and if, in the case of radio-iodine treatment in particular, you can afford them. I can highly recommend the r-i. Pippin cat was diagnosed two years ago when he was 14, was on medication for a few months and had the treatment in February 2018. Despite his arthritis he is now plump, purring and curled up on my lap. But I do not think there are "holistic" alternatives to the treatments usually offered: drugs, special diet, surgery, radio-iodine.

I would make a vet appointment, get Rocky thoroughly checked over including teeth and mouth, and discuss the treatment options with your vet.

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