Please help, my 2 year old cat will not leave the kitten alone.

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Please help, my 2 year old cat will not leave the kitten alone.

Post by Foxfia » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:26 pm

I dont know what to do in this situation, rescued a stray kitten several weeks ago , he is about 2 months old now. My adult cat is a pretty big (not really fat, more of just a tall long cat) and he will NOT leave the kitten alone to the point where the kitten is too scared to leave our bedroom. Any time the kitten ventures out , my adult cat chases him down and if the kitten doesnt run under the bed he just repeatedly bats him in the head. Sometimes we can get him not to chase the kitten but the moment the kitten runs around or goes out of his sight he chases him down again. He has been around cats before, and he would chase and bat them but never this bad(it was his way of playing). I dont think he has been around kittens before though. It's just starting to be a problem because he is eating all the food in the bedroom leaving it empty and then the kitten doesnt have food and is too scared to come out to the dishes in the kitchen. Not to mention , my adult cat is so large and keeps going into the small litter box in the bedroom and digging, tossing all the poop and litter out of the box.. I just want the kitten to be able to leave the bedroom without fear so he can use the bigger litterbox and use the cat tree and have access to windows and everything (bedroom windows are too high for him to jump into)... what can I do??? I've had cats all my life and never had this problem.

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Re: Please help, my 2 year old cat will not leave the kitten alone.

Post by Kay » Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:50 pm

I think from what you say it would be best to make your bedroom the kitten's room, and exclude your other boy from it. That will immediately solve the litter and food problem. At only 2 months old he is too young to cope with an boisterous older cat, but he will grow - if you keep him in the bedroom while he does his growing, and let them see each other but out of reach, by putting a screen in the open door, the kitten will become familiarized with your older cat without needing to run away, and he will also become familiar with the room beyond the bedroom.

I would suggest you keep this arrangement for at least a month, and see how it goes.

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