Activated charcoal?

IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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Activated charcoal?

Post by Mollycat » Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:43 pm

Has anyone here ever given activated charcoal to a cat?

I know it's widely used in poisoning cases but I remember kids being given it as some kind of routine thing (along with cod liver oil and extract of malt !!) and I've been trying to read up on it - seems to be a lot of quackery and very few science articles.

Molly can't seem to shake off her bouts of yellow or orange dire-rear, she won't touch food with Pro Kolin or pumpkin and her daily potassium doesn't seem to be making any difference after 3 weeks. I will be discussing with the vet as I'm terrified she could go the same way as Boo, as we never identified what caused his issues, but just wondered i anyone has any experience with this stuff.

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