IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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Post by anakinskywalker » Tue Jan 28, 2020 7:00 pm

Hello, I’m a cat owner from turkey. I have a beautiful Scottish Fold which is only 4 months now. Last month he escaped from the home( I live in apartment) and fall dawn from stair gap. He stayed in the vet for 10 days they told me that he had a head trauma. I was so sad and crying all day, after i took him from the ver his tail didnt rise. They told me that he may see the effects like ataxia etc. He can run if he want he eats and drinks a lot but sometimes his rear legs slip under him and go back. Sometimes he lays down like this his legs in behind. I dont know what to do. I took him to vet but I already paid too much and im 20 and living alone. Its hard for me to pay. I spent 3 months of my payment to him only this month because he fell. But i want him to be ok. He sometimes strangely go backwards i think something is bothering him with his back legs. I dont know what to do. we had an x ray and they told me it seems fine but we may need an M-R. But its impossible for me to pay for mr in turkey... what can i do, all i want for him to live the best life he can. Im planning to give him to someone else who can take care of him maybe better than me. I slept with him all these day. I fed him pet him and play with him everyday. All i wanted was him to feel like he’s the owner in the house. But because of his rear legs he’s unhappy . If he wants he can run and jump but usually he lays nowadays. I dont know whats happening to him or his rear legs. What should I do pls help me

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Post by lilynmitz » Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:36 pm

I'm sorry you're in this very difficult position. It's clear you love your puss very much, and he is very lucky to have someone like you looking after him.

Sometimes we can only do what we can in these circumstances. It is difficult to know what the problem is, but it sounds like it may be neurological, which is difficult to treat. I can't say whether the MRI scan would reveal anything that would be treatable, but it might be worth putting that question to your vet, ie, if he had the MRI scan, would this reveal anything the vet could treat? And if you don't do this, or if what the MRI scan shows can't be treated, what is the prognosis? ie, will your puss stay like this and lead a reasonably content life, or will he be suffering. Sometimes these things can improve a little on their own, but not in all cases.

If already you know someone who has said they will take him in and can pay for his treatment, that would be great, but very few people would be prepared to do this. If you can't find anyone, then all you can do is keep him with you, keep an eye on him, and as long as he is content and not suffering, then just accept you have a kitty who needs a bit more help than most. He will obviously need to be a house cat, or if you have somewhere safe and enclosed outside he can sit in, that would be lovely, but it's not safe for him to go exploring.

But if you feel that he is suffering and miserable, with no hope of improvement, talk it through with your vet and think about whether the kindest thing would be to end his suffering. I'm sure you will be the best judge of his quality of life, and will do what's right for him.

Have another talk your vet and see what the future might hold for him, and whether he can lead a happy life as he is, or whether there might be some small things you can do to make his life more comfortable.

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Post by Lilith » Wed Jan 29, 2020 4:44 pm

Hi, Lilynmitz we coincided but I'll let my post stand -

Hi and welcome. I'm very sorry to hear of your boy's injury. It does indeed sound neurological and irreversible. It must be so bewildering for him when he's been a normal active young cat.

Years ago I knew of a case like this, a kitten similarly injured, who was handed over to a rescue worker who had a smallholding. She simply let him do his own thing (well in those days there weren't any elaborate tests; she could do no more.) And he adapted. Having the run of the place he even went hunting - and brought home rats and mice. When you opened the garden gate he'd come running, flop down on his back legs, pick himself up and keep coming to greet you. He lived a long and I think happy life.

I don't know if there will be differing opinions on this but personally in your place I wouldn't agonise about more tests, I'd continue to comfort your boy and let him adapt in his own time to what is a tragic condition but not the end of the world for him. Good luck to you both.

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