My Cat's Butt has discharge

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My Cat's Butt has discharge

Post by shanzy123 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:07 am

:cry: My female cat, Sunny, seems to have taken a large poop and there was some clear discharge with a little bit of white coming out of her butt. It seems to have stopped, but she was crying and now she is hiding. I gave her a bath and tried to look at her butt. There's too much fur to see if it's still leaking or swollen.

Has anyone else had this happen? I know I should take her in for a wellness check. I'm curious to know if it is an urgent issue, or if I can wait for the next available appointment.

She is 1.5 years old

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Re: My Cat's Butt has discharge

Post by lilynmitz » Sat Feb 08, 2020 3:44 pm

Not sure about this. The clear discharge may just be normal secretions that help the poop pass through her gut, but the white bits may indicate worms.

How has she been since your post? If she's still hiding, and particularly if she's off her food, get her to the vet for a check up.

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