Aggression of other cat after vet visit

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Aggression of other cat after vet visit

Post by kierla22 » Mon Feb 10, 2020 1:38 am

I gave 2 cats, Fern and Frida (1-1/2 years old), who have never been apart until last week. I had to take Fern to the vet. She got shots and a topical med for tape worms. When she got back, Frida hissed at her a couple of times and everything went back to normal. Yesterday, I had to take Frida to the vet. She got shots and a topical med for fleas. When we got home, Fern started growling and hissing at Frida and hasn't stopped. Now, every time Frida gets near Fern, Fern is almost ready to attack her. I read online that it might help to pet both of them with some tuna juice on my hands. Tried that, didn't work. I'm getting desperate. Please, does anyone have any ideas to get them back to normal?

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Re: Aggression of other cat after vet visit

Post by Mollycat » Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:16 am

I used to have this issue with my two, one was fine but if I took Bobby out of the house Molly would be quite hostile to him. One day is not long, this should be a lot better today but watch them as one fight can cause much more long-term damage to their relationship.

The vet's surgery smells different and it doesn't take much or very long there for them to come home with different smells on them. It's not that they 'forget' the other cat, they just don't smell like home and the family. In future you can help this by putting the cat's own bed in the carrier to keep as much home scent as possible and you can also keep them separate for a few hours when you get home to let the cat who has been away get their own smell back by washing, and help by rubbing them with their own bedding. A calming plug-in like Pet Remedy or Feliway Friends can help, plug in a couple of weeks in advance and leave it until it runs out, normally a couple of weeks after the vet visit.If they are really bad you can take them to the vets together (separate carriers but both of them at the same time) or when you get home go through the introductions procedure over a couple of days, separating them and gradually building up contact between them.

Do try to keep your worry under control, they will pick up on it and it will make the situation more difficult for them to resolve.

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Re: Aggression of other cat after vet visit

Post by lilynmitz » Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:04 pm

Just to say I agree with Mollycat, can't add much more to that. Keep calm, and they will both settle down again. Give both of them extra fusses to reassure each of them (including the "aggressor")

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