Question about taurine and Instinct cat food

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Question about taurine and Instinct cat food

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So I’m adopting a cat soon and have been doing a lot of research on cat food. I came to the conclusion that I would feed my new friend Instinct by Nature’s Variety wet cat food because I read great things about that brand.

I didn’t see any taurine in the ingredients or guaranteed analysis. Isn’t taurine essential for cat health? Am I missing something? Is it called a different name that I didn’t recognize when reading the ingredients?

Can someone with more cat experience share their thoughts on taurine and Instinct cat food, I will be a first time cat owner so I’m a little bit of a noob when it comes to this. Thanks!
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Re: Question about taurine and Instinct cat food

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Taurine occurs naturally in muscle meat - the more the muscle is used, the higher the taurine levels, which is why heart is a particularly good source. Cooking and processing can reduce the levels, but a wet food made mainly from fresh meat should have more than adequate amounts of taurine without the need to add more as a supplement. If in doubt I would contact the company and ask them for the results of their foods' analyses - taurine is not one of the things they are required to show under regulations, but they may still have the information available.
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