IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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So on Tuesday night i noticed my cat was limping his hind leg, so i called the emergency vet and they told me that as long as he is still using the foot i should just wait until the next day and take him to our usual vet, so i did that but the next day he was missing for hours anyway he finally came back this morning and i quickly took him to the vet. So the vet looked for a couple of minutes and said its probably a cat bite wound did an antibiotic shot and sent us home. Now i feel like his limping both legs and im thinking could it be something else.
He is eating fine and grooming himself also ive seen him stretch both hind legs while grooming so i just dont know why he is limping?
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Bites at the base of the tail are very common, and could make him feel stiff and sore for several days - can you feel any swelling or heat there? If he is eating and grooming I would keep him quiet for 24 hours, and see if he seems better or worse tomorrow. If you are still concerned I would go back to the vet, but if it is inflammation from a bite the antibiotics should soon begin to take effect and he should feel better.
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