Three cats. two can't get along

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Three cats. two can't get along

Post by kemjar » Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:35 pm

Hello all. I am looking for advice on how to get two of my cats, Bleu and Izzy to get along. So, please if you had this experience or know how to help, please do! I love all my fur babies and want them to get along. This is a bit lengthy but I feel it's important to know the back story :D

My husband and I have 3 cats and a dog. Dixie (2yr old female dog), Tank and Bleu (5yo females), and Izzy (1yo female). Tank and Bleu are litter mates, grew up in a house with a different dog and two males cats with no issue. In 2016, they were 2yrs. old and we moved into our house. In 2017, Dixie joined our family as a 6mo. old puppy. She loved the cats and we made sure she was trained to treat them right. All was well.

In September of 2018, my husband brought Izzy (about 7mo. old) home. It was a surprise for my birthday, I had begged him for weeks because it was my coworker giving her up and I knew we could give her a good home. Anyways, I separated all the animals from Izzy initially, moved the towel from under the door, and eventually let them all meet. It went pretty well but that kitten is a straight gangster. She had no fear of the other cats, and even bold enough to charge at the dog who is a solid 45lbs. It was clear that Bleu from the start didn't appreciate Izzys approach since she literally had no fear. I know her previous living condition, she spent most days locked in one bedroom. I do question if maybe it is caused by some trauma she might have experienced?

As time went on, our gangster kitten would play with Tank and attack the dog. Bleu was more and more cautious with Izzy and would shy away when she wanted to play, which made Izzy go after her more. Little did we know this would transform into Bleu being on edge and fearful and Izzy taking full advantage any chance she gets. I started getting them to both play in same room with two toys and get them to play close to each other. I started swapping their scents like we had done when Izzy was a kitten. I would pet them both when fed to release any tension. All of these things worked but when we were in bed or downstairs we would start hearing one of the cats scream. Finally I started to catch on what was happening and Izzy would jump onto Bleus back with claws and bite. Bleu was always the victim. This has continued despite our efforts.

Then the peeing started. I have to imagine it's a territorial issue but I am at a loss. The peeing is on and off it seems, but has been ongoing for a few months. We have purchased different toys, additional spaces for them to lay, get up away from the dog/each other... etc. Any advice? Anything we should stop doing? Start doing?

Thank you to anyone who read through this cat novel to help :)

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Re: Three cats. two can't get along

Post by Mollycat » Tue Mar 17, 2020 6:34 am

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sounds like you have quite a situation there. Just to be clear, this has been developing gradually over 5-6 months since you got Izzy?

When all of them eventually met, how did you manage that - was it step by step sniffing without contact then a little supervised contact at a time gradually increasing and making sure all animals were relaxed and comfortable before moving on to the next step? If not, you might need to go right back to the beginning for these two.

Do the cats have outdoor access? Izzy sounds quite the hunter but you don't want Bleu to have the opportunity to move out.

Almost certainly the peeing is a very distressed Bleu. Nobody likes to be constantly attacked in their own home with nowhere safe to get away for a little respite. Is there any way you could give her a room with a microchip cat flap so Izzy can't get to her? More litter trays might have some but limited success as distressed marking isn't a litter issue, but Bleu needs to be able to use a tray in a safe place.

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