Cat licking mout after eating

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Cat licking mout after eating

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My cat Mister is 2 yrs old and recently started licking the roof of hi mouth after he eats repatedly. Any ideas why? He does it for a bit but if i go pet him he stops like there wasn't actually an issue and does not actually have anything in his mouth.
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Re: Cat licking mout after eating

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If he is actually licking the inside of his mouth then it might be worth having a vet look at it in case there is a dental problem causing it, or it could just be he is getting food caught between his teeth and it is his way of removing it.

If he is licking the outside of his mouth up towards the nose then it could just be he is licking his lips after a nice meal, or he is a bit snuffly and is cleaning his nose.

If in doubt it is always best to see your vet assuming at the moment it is safe for you to do so, if not then ring for advice or take a video of him doing it and send it to them, it might help them decide if he needs to be seen or not.
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