10 Month Old Kitten Changes in Behavior

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10 Month Old Kitten Changes in Behavior

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About 10 days ago I adopted a 10 month old kitten named Rex. He is incredibly spunky, playful, smart, and loving. He is my only pet. The first few days we had him at home, all he wanted to do was be by me and love me (kneading, sitting on my lap, snuggling). Now, he is still loving when he is sleepy but no longer kneads and purrs much less. However, I have noticed he has started some aggressive behaviors. For example, sometimes when he wakes up he attacks out of seemingly nowhere and tries to nip constantly, whether or not I’m paying any attention to him.

I try my best to never let his biting be brought on by playful hands or let him think that I am a toy. I always replace with a toy if he goes to nip. When he attacks, I simply try to push him away to stop the attack and ignore him.

Is there something else I can try to discourage this behavior? Any advice would be helpful. I feel I am a rather experienced cat owner, so am surprised I haven’t been able to curtail this behavior on my own so far. Although his bites rarely hurt, this is not something I am wanting to encourage and am also curious what is changed in him less than two weeks in. I am willing to try anything and take the time he needs. Thanks!
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