My cat is breathing weirdly and doesn’t have a voice when meowing.

IMPORTANT: If your cat is in any distress or discomfort, please consult your own vet as your first priority.
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My cat is breathing weirdly and doesn’t have a voice when meowing.

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Hello! My cat hasn’t eaten and drank water for the past two days. She had a fever but it kinda died down. Her eyes also look squinty and swollen and tired. She can still walk but she stays in one place most of the time.

She opens her mouth all the time looking like she’s about to vomit. But we also think she’s also trying to meow but she doesn’t have a voice.

We can’t go to any vets because of quarantine (theyre closed and the one near us is infamous for killing pets) because of COVID19. If you have any advice, home remedies, please help us :(

We tried steaming a room and putting her in it so she can stay in a warm and moisr place.
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Re: My cat is breathing weirdly and doesn’t have a voice when meowing.

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It sounds very similar to how my cat was when she had a upper respiratory infection (nothing to do with Covid 19, swabs actually diagnosed it as something called Mycoplasma). Like when we get a bad cold, her nose was all bunged up, she couldn't smell the food so didn't want to eat, and could only breath through her mouth, at times doing quite a good Darth Vader impression. It started about 18 months ago, over the first few months she had several courses of antibiotics (it was a bacterial infection), which seemed to do less and less good each time. She also had Bisolven powder on prescription to help break down the mucus, which is what seemed to help most. In the end we decided we were just going to give her the Bisolven and treat the symptoms for as long as she needed it, At 17 we knew it might be palliative care.

She recovered, and much to our surprise and delight is still with us, however last week I noticed the symptoms coming back. I rang the vets, had a phone consultation and as she had had it before he was willing to let us have more of the Bisolven for her.

Try and take a video of your cat showing the symptoms and ring your vet they normally still have an emergency number available, explain the symptoms, and offer them a copy of the video, they might be willing to prescribe something just from that, other wise some vets will still offer an examination but may not let you be in the surgery when they do it to minimise the risk of contamination. If your own vet is entirely closed then I hope you can find one that isn't over reacting to the current situation and is willing to try and help.

I hope she is better soon.
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Re: My cat is breathing weirdly and doesn’t have a voice when meowing.

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If your cat isn't eating you may need to syringe feed her. If cats don't eat for a few days they are at risk of developing hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver) which may be fatal. It sounds like your cat may have a form of cat flu.
Try to get her to a vet which is still seeing urgent cases.
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