He's become totally obsessed!

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He's become totally obsessed!

Post by CatDaddy » Sat May 09, 2020 3:12 am

I took in a cat, one of two being offered in a local onlline neighborhood group. He's just over a year old, neutered and, I was told, an inside cat. He hid most of his first day here, but then came out, introduced himself, amd we begam to get along just fine. He was very affectionate amd we seemed to be underway with a good bonding.

One night, I left a window open a tad too much. But it's high up. After sensing his absence, I realized he must have gone out that window. It took a couple of days to find him. Then, a couple of weeks later, he managed to squirm out another one. He came home the next day. A few days ago, he dashed right by me when I was answeriing a door. He came back later that eve. Since then, he's no longer interested in going outside, it seems. As if... something... may have happened out there.

But == here's the thing. After he'd been here a short while, I rememberd a toy I made for cats (many years ago). Basically a rathr lifelike "mouse" which I run a leatherword 'thread' through it's head, so I can give it especially realistic movement. Boy, does he love play sessions now! Problem is, he wants me to do that for him endlessly.Even wheh he finally gets tired and sprawls out, he *still* wants me to be making it dart around, so he can just watch it.

It's to the point now, where he's crying and yowling all the time at all hours, just to get me to do that. He doesn't want to do anything else. EVERY time I move anywere near the play area, he well come running in and is woefully disappointed if Im not playing. He's not affectionate anymore, either.

It's like he got possessed. What can I do?

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