Cat Jealousy?

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Cat Jealousy?

Post by George+Sophie »

Hi all - in need of some advise. I have two cats, George (5) and Sophie (4).

A little background on Sophie: she was always a recluse (always hid under beds, didn't like to be around people), and even though she had regular vet checks, we found out about 6 months ago that she's been in pain this whole time once we switched vets after a move. Long story short, she had surgery, and has turned into a brand new cat! She is social and playful and loving now. We are so happy although of course distraught that it took this long to realise.

The issue is George is not dealing well with her new personality. He seems jealous that he is not getting all of the attention anymore. It has turned into aggression and intimidation towards her. For example, he hates when she is in our room at night and will chase her out, and then "guard" our door. It is at the point where she is scared to even go near him, and she has become further attached to us because only we can protect her.

How can we deal with this? We try to give George cuddles and treats and encouragement to reassure him, but nothing has worked. Please help!! We just want two healthy, happy cats!
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Re: Cat Jealousy?

Post by JulieJulie »

This is a horrible problem that i had and my cat that was being bullied recently passed away from a suspected heart attack so you need to start dealing with this.
I found a lot of information online (after the fact) about cat bullying that I wish I had read years ago.
I never worked out what the issue was but one thing i can tell you is that I wish I had not let it continue. I used to separate the cats overnight to give my timid girl a rest. But I always regret the time of her life she spent being chased and intimidated.

Sorry i can't be more help, I didn't work hard enough to solve the problem and that is a big regret. maybe consider seeing a pet behaviourist or getting some reading material? the dynamics in your house have obviously changed and need some help to resolve.
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