4 cats and peeing issues

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4 cats and peeing issues

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Hi all, I have just found this forum and am so happy I have!
I have 4 cats, girl (11), girl (4), boy (1.5) and boy (1.5). They are all settled well together by and large!

They are all ‘outside’ cats, I let them out around 8am each day and they have free reign to come in and out til around 4pm when I get them all in as it’s dark then here at the moment.

I have a massive issue with peeing though. I have many litter trays around the house but still they ALL like to pee on plastic bags, boxes of any kind that are accessible and every corner and edge of each room.

Can anyone please advise of any hints or tips as my house really has that cat pee smell no matter what I do!

Have eliminated all medical causes with the vets
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Re: 4 cats and peeing issues

Post by fjm »

I think I would start with a black light to find all the pee spots, remove everything removable, and clean very thoroughly with an enzymatic pet urine cleaner. Then review the number and positions of the trays - at least 5, positioned so that they cannot be blocked by other cats.

But it sounds as if it could be territorial marking. I am assuming they are all spayed or neutered, but even then cats will spray mark if they are anxious or concerned about an interloper, and with four cats the potential for jockeying for position is considerable. You may need to consult with a qualified behaviourist.
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