FIV and behaviour changes

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FIV and behaviour changes

Post by ChrisNiko » Tue Oct 20, 2020 7:19 pm

Hello everyone,
I'm new here and I found this forum while searching for information and some answers hopefully, about my newly diagnosed cat. So actually today my cat, his name is Hector and he is 8 and a half years old, has been diagnosed with FIV but as "weak positive" for now. I did found answers in many things but one thing that was barely mentioned was the changes in behaviour.

I believe he has showed mostly neurological symptoms, and that is the reason we actually got him diagnosed. He has been acting odd, and even had some kind of attack two days ago. He started getting scared out of sudden, hissing without a reason (and he never does that) and searching for secluded and dark places to hide. He is still recovering from the attack I mentioned and he doesn't want anyone to touch him, he barely eats too, basically he is a little aggressive and scared. Our vet said that he might have some attacks from time to time like this one and that they're linked to FIV but he can't tell us how long they can last,how often they might appear etc ,plus he has only diagnosed 3-4 cats with FIV all these years as a veterinarian.

But I'm still wondering if those changes in his behaviour are in fact due to FIV or maybe something else, though other tests were negative and he has always lived indoors (so I suppose he got it from his mother) to get infected by sth else and we take really good care of him. Has anyone spotted something similar? Do you know if FIV is the cause? If yes what can I do? How long can such attacks be and how often can they appear?
I desperately need answers because I can't see him being like that 😔

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