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Cat Health Questions

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I’m not sure if anyone can help me with my curiosity in regards to whether or not I took the right course of action with my cat.

7 months ago my 13 year old cat seemed to be getting unwell. I took her to the vet and they found nothing wrong after doing an X-ray and blood work. The only test that wasn’t completed was a urine test.

Now 4 months ago, my cat had lost half her body weight from 9 pounds to 4/5 pounds. I brought her to the vet again with the following symptoms (coughing wheezing and shortness of breath with her head extended forward). An X-ray showed a spot on her lungs and the vet said that it could’ve been either two things, cancer or asthma. He then said that the treatment was the same for both outcomes. The treatment was prednisolone. This treatment helped her gain her weight back and not cough or wheez as often. Once I ran out of the prednisolone, she then started to get worse. I had the vet renew the prescription and she got better again. Until a month ago, she started to get green snot forming around her nose. I suspected that she had an infection. Due to financial restraints, I did not take her back to the vet and she passed away this weekend. I was devastated, I just lost one of my best friends who was around for half of my life :(

I’m looking for comfort in knowing that I did the right thing. The one thing that bothers me is that even though I suspected that she had an infection. I continued her treatment, I feel as though this was a big mistake 😞
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