Is it safe to bring a FIV+ cat outside (supervised)?

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Is it safe to bring a FIV+ cat outside (supervised)?

Post by starstuff92 »

I am considering adopting a 3 year old male cat who is FIV+. He has been at the shelter for months, and I just want to give him a good life. He is incredibly sweet, calm, and loves to be around people.

I have a degree is social work and it’s always been my dream to train a cat to be a therapy cat and bring him to nursing homes and such. I think this cat would be perfect for this because of his personality. I would also love to bring him hiking with me in a backpack and leashed to local parks just to hang out and be in the sun/grass.

Would these activities be safe for him? Or is it a risk because of his compromised immune system?

I am trying to do as much research as possible but I couldn’t find anything about bringing a FIV+ cat outdoors on a leash/backpack. Everything I’ve found just said not to let them loose outside because of risk of transmission to other cats, but I don’t plan on letting him outside unsupervised.

Also if there is anything else you think I should know about FIV+ cats (diet, special care, etc) please share!

Thank you for any help
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Re: Is it safe to bring a FIV+ cat outside (supervised)?

Post by booktigger »

Welcome to Cat Chat, personally I wouldn't take any cat out in a backpack, I read an article last week about the rise in popularity of backpack style cat carriers, but there were concerns (unfortunately I can't find the article now), and not only is there a risk to him being immunocompromised, but being on a leash is risky in case he gets attacked, or spooked.
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Re: Is it safe to bring a FIV+ cat outside (supervised)?

Post by Mollycat »

I don't know anything about FIV+ but I guess the question is, for a 3 year old cat, what kind of life do you want for him - what is your priority, to paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, the length of life, or the depth? Is he going ot be happy and fulfilled being kept safe, a loving home being a huge improvement on life in a cage, or is a house just a bigger cage and will he be miserable limited? He will need to be involved in your decision too.
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