2 y o cat FIV + : we need your advice

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2 y o cat FIV + : we need your advice

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We live in India and I am not an English native speaker ;)

5 days ago, our 2 yo girl cat was totally lethargic, unable to move.

We rushed to the clinic where we were told that she had some ulcers on the tongue and given some cream.

Hours later, we got back there feeling that our cat was totally unwell and leaving us :shock: :shock: :shock:
They made a blood test and we saw that her WBC was 1.5 :(

We were given some treatment to help her immune system LYSINE and after two days of very little improvement I took the initiative to give her a large spectrum antibiotics as well to help what I thought it is stromatitis.

We got to the clinic everyday to get her fluid as she was completely unable to eat and still lethargic.

yesterday, at least, one doctor had the good idea to realize the ELIZA test which proved FIV positive :(

He prescribed other medications and still Lysine and she improved a lot in 24 hrs and is now able to eat wet food and gain her appetite back. She is still very weak and resting a lot but can walk around the house and we can hear her little broken voice again.

She gets injections everyday and we should make a new blood test tomorrow to check her WBC and I don’t know what.

I need your advice about what we should ask the clinic. Being abroad does not make the situation easier and we want to save our girl.

My second question is that she got bitten and probably infected in the garden two months ago, she was cured and got stitches. Is it possible that in 2 months, the virus would be so agressive on her and she would have little chance to survive more than 6 months ?

I am lost and so sad for her :( thank you for reading me
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