FIV cat not himself and vet is stumped!

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FIV cat not himself and vet is stumped!

Post by Barney » Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:32 pm


I was after some advice from some fellow FIV cat owners. My FIV positive male cat is not himself/ not right and my vet is completely stumped.

I'll start at the beginning so all the info is here ( btw I have two indoor FIV positive cats).

Three weeks ago I found an abscess on the side of BArneys face after it had burst, feeling very sorry for himself a trip to the vet took place where it was shaved, flushed and he was given a shot of long lasting antibiotic ( begins with C and lasts 2 weeks but can't quite remember the name) and also a metacam shot too. He was also given his yearly booster injection as it was due. Came home and he perked up a bit seemed back to normal.

Two weeks ago he became very lethargic ( at the same time we had the really warm weather). I was really concerned about him as he was off his food, was very sleepy and not himself. Barney is very driven my food so for him not to be eating is when I know he isn't well. He seemed reluctant to move around and when he did he was a little unsteady. Cue second trip to the vets - full check over, vet thought possible infection, didn't give a further antibiotic due to the shot the week before but gave another metacam shot. Again he seemed to perk up when he got home but them began to deteriorate over the next week, until yesterday when he nearly fell down three stairs, he has been very slow, unsteady and reluctant to jump up even onto a low surface. ( normally I have to feed by other cat in the work top as he jumps up and steals his food - non of this is happening). He is eating but his appetite is reduced.

Third trip to the vet ( he perked up I the vet, and walked round the consulting room with no issues!) vet did a full blood check & physical check - eyes, ears, lungs, heart etc . All fine and bloods normal. He is back home now and still isn't right , the vet has suggested a course of metacam to see how he gets on as he has shown improvement when given it.

He is approx 6 years old. I'm wondering if it could be arthritis or so etching similar. He has quite bad teeth, which the vet has said will need removing at some point as they are broken, but they don't really seem to be bothering him at the moment. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

I thought it could be the weather but it's cooled right down and there is no improvement.

Any suggestions/ advice would be much appreciated x

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Re: FIV cat not himself and vet is stumped!

Post by bobbys girl » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:05 am

Hi 'Barney' and welcome to CC.

First some background. My Bobby was born with nerve damage to his front left leg. He managed quite well the first year, but then he got an infection in the joint. Over several weeks he had 3 courses of antibiotics and one of the injections you mentioned. While the infection was at it's worst, he was very quiet and off his food (understandable). He got better, it came back....

The vet did a blood test, Bob was FIV! We decided he would be better off without his leg (a hard decision, but it would never be right). The leg was removed, MORE AB's and vitamin shots - to help build him up. He is racing round like something gone soft!

At his last visit the vet said we should keep up with his vaccinations - I was worried about his condition and 'live' vaccines. Finally I come to the point I want to make. I was told to take him home, let him recover fully from the OP, build him up and THEN bring him back for his vaccinations.

I was very surprised when you said he had all the shots together. Just as in us humans, vaccinations can make us feel a bit 'off' for a few days. His system must be wondering what hit it! Also the broken teeth may be 'feeding' an on-going infection.

Bob was right off his food with the tablet AB's but the long-term injection suited him a lot better. As did the vit shot. He perked up quite quickly after that.

I do hope you get to the bottom of this and that Barney is back to his old self very soon.

Fusses to him


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Re: FIV cat not himself and vet is stumped!

Post by Toni Ford » Fri Aug 22, 2014 1:36 pm

Sorry, I don't look on here very often.

His broken teeth could be the problem because he could be in pain. I would get them done ASAP.

I am also surprised that the Vet gave him his booster at the same time as antibiotics and especially as he was poorly with an abscess.


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Re: FIV cat not himself and vet is stumped!

Post by KittyCatKate » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:31 pm

I am also surprised that the Vet gave him his booster at the same time as antibiotics and especially as he was poorly with an abscess.
I am wondering about this. I don't do the boosters for my cats, not since my oldest nearly died after a set. Antibiotics work in strange ways. He ca be having a reaction to it that is causing him to just be tired. See if giving him some unflavored pedialyte in water perks him up. Do a 50/50 mix with water. If it appears to help, give it to him for 4 days (no more than 4 days). He should drink it in his water as normal. I have used it several times with kitty colds. It helps them feel better.

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