Gingivitis ?

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Gingivitis ?

Post by Caz4312 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:51 pm

Hi, I'm looking for some advice regarding my 8 month old kitten. I ended up getting this kitten recently and just found out from the vet that he may have gingivitis. His gums are a bit red along the gum line. My vet has quoted me a rather large amount of £100+ to get swab tests done on the gums. Just wondered if there are any other options that are cheaper out there to confirm the gingivitis and help the cat?

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Re: Gingivitis ?

Post by Lilith » Fri Jul 31, 2015 10:47 pm

Hi there Caz and welcome :)

You've posted on the FIV section but your query might get more advice on the Health and Behaviour section (any mods about to move it there?)

I'm not well up on gingivitis myself; I've had a few elderly cats who've needed dentals (descaling/extractions) and these are expensive, but I can't imagine an 8 month old cat having serious dental problems and the cost of £100 for simple swabbing/testing (I'm assuming no anaesthetic) seems a bit over the top to me, but of course charges depend on vets, and areas.

Personally, if the signs, if that's what they are, are so slight, I'd pass up on the tests and just keep a watchful eye. There are dried foods that claim to promote dental health (others on here will be more knowledgeable than me) and some people let the cat 'clean its teeth' on something as simple as a raw chicken wing (MUST be raw of course!) Raw chicken necks are even better - but can we obtain them these days? Of course it helps if the cat will eat raw meat; most won't, spoilt little things lol.

I don't think you've any immediate cause for worry but it's always as well to get as much info as possible - hope others will post on your thread.

All the best :)

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