Newbie - FIV puss & nasal tumour

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Newbie - FIV puss & nasal tumour

Post by Calf00 » Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:57 am

Hi everyone
I'm Jan. Great to be here on your v informative forum. I'm a reiki practitioner specialising in animal reiki & I also volunteer in a number of shelters locally. I've v recently bought home a beautiful boy, Balou, (poss age 8?) to stay permanently with me. The shelter doesn't rehome FIV kitties usually (!?) but as he has a tumour & a poor prognosis they've allowed it. I had a beautiful FIV boy previously, Frankie, who sadly passed age 18 three years ago. Balou is receiving regular daily Reiki & flower essences & huge amounts of love of course. We have three other rescue kitties who've seen him through the door but no other contact yet. Balou is eating reasonably well (with encouragement some days). He's v v nasal & stiffly some days & not others (the tumour). He's v sniffly at the mo & his right eye is closing a little too. I want to do my very best for this beautiful boy of course & would value your thoughts please.

May I ask your advice please :

Frankie had Interferon (covered by insurance) - what are your views on it for Balou particularly with the tumour?

Balou is prescribed Antibiotics (Ronaxan) to help fight infections & Metacam to help delay the growth of the tumour. Would you suggest anything else please?

What Vit C & E do you recommend please & dosages.

Hope you might be able to respond. Thank you.

Jan x
Balou last week. He's looking a little more poorly since then.
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