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My pal Eric

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 6:43 pm
by Ericandpal
Hello everyone,

This is my FIV pal Eric, he's lived with me since 2009. He's always been well, but he's a little under the weather at the moment.

His teeth have been removed in stages since we got together, he was rescue cat and they were in a terrible condition.

He's now 15 or 16 years old, may be even 17! Since Christmas he's been ill and we've been to the see the vet several times.

He's at the moment on a diet of steamed fish and crushed kibble, he wont eat kibble "wetted", he struggles without teeth if it's large.

He's had a very upset stomach for 3 weeks. At first he had all the symptoms of collitus. He's had antibiotics and and steroid shots and something to reduce vomiting. Luckily, he's much better, but still has very dark diarrhea. He developed URTI, but that's also much improved. His eyes still look wet and he's occasionally sneezey, but always has been.

Last night he woke me up in the small hours wanting food, which in the way of cats turned out to be a cuddle and a game of chase!

But, I noticed he had dried blood on his back leg and on closer inspection it looks like an ulcer or lesion.

We are off to see the vet again on Monday.

He's always been remarkably well, any suggestions on the upset tummy or experiences with ulcers/lesions? He's a house cat, is eating and drinking normally, playing, wants affection, just himself really. Maybe I've been lucky with him or given his age and diagnosis (he was FIV when I adopted him) its par for the coarse?

Eric's pal and domestic servant.

Re: My pal Eric

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:01 pm
by Crewella
I have an older FIV+ cat with a slightly dodgy guts and I took in a similar cat last year - I found that feeding a 'sensitive' diet definitely helped - the Purina One Sensitive seemed good.

Re: My pal Eric

Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 8:38 pm
by Ericandpal
Thanks Crewella, yes it's certainly helping

He's eating steamed pollock blocks and Hills Life Science for sensitive tummies.

It's the rice, egg and chicken one.

We are also going to try chicken and pumpkin once a week.

Hopefully the vet will deal with the lesion, overall he's looking much better.

The colds going and he's still got the runny tummy, but it's a more normal colour (not so dark).


Re: My pal Eric

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:12 pm
by Crewella
It took a while, but both of my FIV+ old boys improved with time and a sensitive diet, though they were never quite 'normal' and a couple of mouthtfuls of the wrong food (multi cat household!) could easily set off runny poos again. Hope he is improving. :)