Food for FIV+ cat

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Food for FIV+ cat

Post by clockworkpurple » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:55 pm


After my darling Monty passed away recently, I'm looking at adopting a couple of rescue cats, and a pair have caught my eye. There's a 10-month old, who is FIV+, and a 3-month old who is FIV-. They're not related but have become inseparable.

I want to feed them a high quality food in order to give the FIV guy the best chance at a long life, but my previous cat food experience is Felix/Whiskas, and veterinary diets. Can anyone recommend some good quality brands to try? The choice is bewildering.

Also, is it OK to continue feeding the older one with kitten food until the younger one becomes an adult?


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Re: Food for FIV+ cat

Post by Blue Orion » Fri Aug 05, 2016 10:45 pm

Hi there

Sorry for your loss :( - my first one died recently too so I feel for your pain.

I've just adopted an FIV+ cat and when I was discussing the idea with my vet surgery their advice was to put him on standard neutered male food (my surgery favours Royal Canin but I've also used Hills in the past). As long as he's well in himself with no gastric symptoms they've told me he should be fine on it, and he has been for a month or so now. If and/or when he does have gastric problems then they recommend moving him to a gentler/sensitive food.

In terms of kitten food, I don't think it is going to hurt the older cat (I'm prepared to stand corrected on this) but you will need to beware that he/she doesn't become overweight - kitten food has more calories in that adult cat food which I think is one of the reasons they like it so much! :lol: Additionally, I'm not sure where you live but in the UK most cat rescue charities will only adopt FIV+ cats as indoor only pets so you may need to watch his/her weight due to reduced activity as well.

As with any cat, if you do change their food do it incrementally - most sites recommend over a week but I generally take at least two to do it.

My view would be to feed them both with the best food you can afford - ask your vet in the first instance but don't let them pressurise you into buying expensive vet only products if it's not within your budget. If he/she is symptom free and you want to use felix/whiskers/etc then I'd say go for it. If he/she becomes unwell then ask your vet for something more suitable.

As an aside and not at all related to this question, I just wanted to share with you that I have found the first week with my new boy hard because, naively, I was expecting to be able to have the same relationship with him as I did with my first baby. I don't know if Monty was your first precious furball but I thought I'd share that with you in case it helps.

All the best with whatever you decide xx

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Re: Food for FIV+ cat

Post by Crewella » Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:31 pm

I'm so sorry for your loss, but I think it's wonderful that you are considering taking on a needy cat (or two). They will never take the place of the cat you lost, but will find their own place in your heart and bring you happiness.

I have an elderly foster cat who is an ex-stray and FIV+. He does tend to be a bit prone to tummy upsets so I mainly feed him sensitive and bland foods that are easier for him to digest. I suspect kitten food might be a little rich for many adult cats. In general, as with all my cats. I try to keep the cereal content down (especially wheat) and the meat content high but, as your vet says, a good quality regular food should be fine. As has been said, introduce any changes gradually.

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Re: Food for FIV+ cat

Post by bobbys girl » Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:34 pm

So sorry to hear about Monty. My old boy Thomas died last Christmas and there are still moments when I feel a great sadness that he is no longer there.

The others are right, no cat will ever replace Monty, but the offer of a new start for two kitties is a lovely, generous thing to do.

My boy Bob is FIV+, he is also a tripod, due to nerve damage at birth and an infection. BUT just look at the photo and tell me he is not a very fit cat!
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He has the same food as the rest of my cats. Felix AGAIL and Gourmet pouches with the occasional tin of Applaws Ocean Fish and James Wellbeloved turkey or fish senior dry food. Bob is 3 the girls are all 7+. He spends most of the day outside in our large, country garden. I do worry about him more than the girls, who are all FIV-. But any coddling is met with 'aw, give-over mum'>

Very best wishes with your new family. Keep in touch and tell us how they go on.

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