FIV+ cat with new kitten??

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FIV+ cat with new kitten??

Post by Irene89 »

Hello everyone,

I have a 6 years old neutered FIV+ male cat at home. He comes from a shelter and is used to living with many other cats in the same room. My partner and I are thinking about adding a new kitten -not FIV+- to our home. I do have some knowledge of FIV transmission and I know that there needs to be a bite that pierces the skin down to the blood. I was wondering if the risk would be high for the kitten. I mean, I know kittens play rough, but would my cat actually BITE it to the blood while playing? I have to add that my FIV cat doesn't have any canines on his upper jaw anymore :?

So what do you all think? :)
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Re: FIV+ cat with new kitten??

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Only you know the nature of your cat. Is he likely to bite? Most mature, neutered Toms are big softies (it's the girls you have to worry about. :lol: )

My sister was in a similar situation a couple of years ago, it all worked out fine. Good luck.
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Re: FIV+ cat with new kitten??

Post by Crewella »

My FIV+ boy mixes in with the rest of the gang, but they are all older cats that are sociable with other felines - the problem with a kitten is that they are a bit of an unknown quantity. Personally, I'd be happier introducing an older cat that I knew was friendly, as you don't need to be adding stress to the life of an FIV+ cat. Just a thought .....

This website is invaluable, and they are great at giving advice if you need it: ... ction.html
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