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Behaviour changes

Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:11 pm
by ownedbymycat
Hi All

New to the forum and wanted to see if anyone has had similar issues or advice!
We rehomed a 9 month FIV boy last December so we have had him for nearly a year now, in recent months we have noticed his behaviour has been up and down, really quite erratic.

He recently has taken to extreme hyperactive behaviour and also switching from his moods towards us very very quickly. A week or so ago I spent a week off work and he would be on my lap and extremely loving for a majority of the day, usually lying down for a stroke on his belly when my partner came home.
Since then he has been quite aggressive in his play, won't sit on our laps, bounces off pretty much everything and frequently (sometimes 7/8 times an evening) bushing his fur up and flattening his ears at us whilst going sideways (...think The Exorcist but cat-like)

We haven't changed our behaviour to him, we don't shout at him and really don't understand what is causing this. Obviously as he has FIV, he doesn't go out and he was abused/dumped as a kitten, so we are worried that he is either being affected by the disease or is starting to display behavioural problems.

Help! We love him to bits and want him to be happy!