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newly diagnosed cat nearly 10 years old my cat was really poorly she had a temp of 42 thats how we found out she was F i V she was signed off but now she has had to go back thankful shes insured as the bill stands at over 1,000 at the moment .now shes got a tempreture again and pain in mouth not eating so we took her they have given her two painkilling injections and 1 antibiotic for the infection and a appetite tablet as soon as we got home she ate and is a lot happier now but they have told us its only a matter of time before we lose her one infection too many will see her off im dreading it we take her back in the morning to see how she is its so scary as shes my baby is there anyone who can tell me anything to put her imune system in a little better order i asked about food but they said there is nothing that will help.
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Re: fiv

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Sorry, I have no experience with FIV, but hope your cat pulls through
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Re: fiv

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Hello and welcome to CC. I'm sorry to hear about your cat. My Bob is FIV+. We found out when he was just one year old. He will be four next month and although he has really been through the mill and lost several of his nine lives, he is still fit and well.

In the early days I got a lot of support from Bob and Barbara at Catwork. They are 'retired' now but still helping folk. You can find them at

Bob has the same diet as my other cats, mainly Felix AGAIL, Gourmet Perle and James Wellbeloved dry food.

It all depends on what is wrong with her now, but don't give up and don't let the vet discourage you. We still don't know all there is to know about FIV and if Bob is anything to go by there are many surprises still to come.

You have had your cat a long time. You know her best and can tell better than anyone else how much fight she has left.

Best wishes

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Re: fiv

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My cat Berry was diagnosed with FIV when he was around 5 years old. He lived a long and happy life to the age of 16 when he passed away due to an unrelated heart condition. There is no reason an FIV cat can't live a healthy, long life and I think my Berry is proof of this. He was kept indoors, he had regular check ups at the vet, and we always made sure he was kept active around the house. He ate normal food (actually, he was such a pig he would eat anything!) and was a "normal" cat. FIV can sound scary but it doesn't have to be. You are welcome to message me if you have any questions, I'd be happy to try and help if I can.

I hope you are both doing ok!
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