2 new cats. HELP

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2 new cats. HELP

Post by damian0407 » Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:30 pm

Hello all! I had 2 cats, one 3 (male) year old and one 4 (male) year old. The 4 year old was a bit of a grumpy thing, didn't like to cuddle with the 3 year old but they got along just fine. The 4 year old died and left the 3 year old alone in my and my mom's care. Half a year later we adopted an 11 year old cat (female) and a 3 year old (male). They told us they were both used to dogs and other cats, so we happily brought them home. The 11 year old is scared of our dog (border collie x labrador), shes large but very calm and sweet and likes cats. The newly adopted 3 year old cat turned out to have AIDS because he was a stray cat (they didn't tell us this) so we had to return him.

The 11 year old is in my room (attic) the whole day, and only goes one floor down (second floor) to eat and go to the litter. Otherwise she only lays on my bed, when i'm home and sitting behind my desk she always jumps up my lap and just lays on me. Her previous owner had to put her up for adoption because she loved going outside and her new neighbors didn't like it if she would go into their yard, so it's breaking my heart that she's so scared of going downstairs and going outside. We try to feed her downstairs, so she will get used to being downstairs (we first carried her downstairs against her will, but after that she could be seduces with food and would walk downstairs on her own for the food). It helped for a while and she sometimes came downstairs, but one time my grandparents came and my dog goes wild when they come inside (because my grandpa always walks my dog so she goes crazy) but the 11 year old was downstairs and got very very scared. Since then she doesn't want to go downstairs anymore.
The 3 year old cat I already had and the 11 year old cat also still don't get along, and the 11 year old has been with us for about 3 months now. The 3 year old will stay outside the WHOLE day, and sometimes won't even come home to eat his dinner, while before we adopted the 11 year old he would just sleep in the living room the whole day.

Since a week we also adopted a kitten, he's very curious and likes exploring the house. He often goes up to the attic where the 11 year old is but the 11 year old will growl and meow in a strange way and chase the kitten away. My 3 year old cat is also very scared of the kitten and will growl, staying outside longer periods of time too.

I don't know what to do, sorry for such a long message. I hope someone can help...

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Re: 2 new cats. HELP

Post by Catkins1234 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:29 pm

She sounds like she is very stressed and probably introducing a new kitten to an already overly stressed cat wasn't the best option. She needs time to adjust slowly and if she is not used to dogs, added to a house move, meeting new cats and then an additional kitten, she will be totally overwhelmed.

You need to take a slow and steady approach in introducing them. Let her have her safe place in the attic and try to avoid her being bothered too much until she adjusts a little. I would maybe consider putting a tray in your room also for her as if she is stressed and scared and is having to go down to the second floor to do her business, she could end up holding her urine for longer than she should be.

You really need to go back to basics and focus on a slow introduction. Let the 11 year old settle and give her an opportunity to explore without forcing her.

May I ask (and don't take this the wrong way) but while you are having problems with the 3yr old and the 11 yr old, you then got an additional kitten? Maybe just allow 11 yr old to have her own space and peace and slowly thing might improve :)

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