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Possible Lymphoma

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:01 am
by Catkins1234
Hi all

My boy was recently diagnosed with FIV which was missed by initial vet for a long time (previously tested negative). Anyhow, moved vets who has been great with him but every lymph node is up and very enlarged. Blood was taken and the white blood cells are dangerously low, presumably working on whatever is going on in the lymph nodes.

No biopsy could be done there and then because the vet felt the risk was high given the blood results. We have tried a shot of antibiotics (Convenia) and I go back in 2 weeks. The lymph nodes aren't going down sadly.

The next step is the biopsy which I am struggling a little with. I did make the decision that if it was cancer I would not treat (he is a very stressy cat who really doesn't do well at the vets and has spent half his life going back and forth for various surgeries) this would be too much for him.

I am wondering if I should get the biopsy done, yes it would be nice to get a diagnosis once and for all, but if the results are bad news and I won't be treating, is it fair to put him through it just for me to get a yes or no. On the other hand, I can't help wonder that if they do the biopsy they might find something simple going on which could be treated.

Any thoughts, I would be interested to hear what others would do in this situation. He is only 5 so still a young man and has been very lethargic since end of December - eats like a horse though! He's actually gained a little weight and his appearance is that of a lovely healthy boy. He is blind from untreated herpes as a kitten. So this adds to his stress when he visits the vets.

Just an after thought - the vet is in two minds, on examining him he felt lymphoma but after seeing the blood results he said he felt optimistic.

Re: Possible Lymphoma

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:07 pm
by fjm
I would talk to the vet, and ask if a biopsy would make a difference to the treatment options. Is the biopsy just to rule out lymphoma, or to identify what is causing lymphadenitis? Is it simply a fine needle aspiration, or an op requiring general anaesthesia? With a young and otherwise reasonably healthy cat I would tend towards getting it done, if it is not too major a procedure and would make a difference to what treatment is appropriate.

Re: Possible Lymphoma

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:18 pm
by Catkins1234
Thanks FJM. Yes, this is what my thoughts are. They would opt for full removal of the node as feel that aspirating could potentially miss something.