FIV Lip/Mouth Ulcers

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FIV Lip/Mouth Ulcers

Post by Jauntyjet » Tue Mar 27, 2018 11:22 am

Hi there, has anyone experienced chronic mouth ulcers with their FIV+ cat? Mine is 7yo, recently had all teeth except fangs removed as we believed they were causing his ulcers. He’s on antibiotics (again) and this time the ulcer is bigger and grew black spurs out of it. Does anyone know what/why the spurs grow and if there’s any home remedy or food I can give to assist the antibiotics? I already give him a lysine pill everyday in his food. Thanks in advance!
Note: he eats/drinks from metal bowls, has a mixture of wet and dry food per day and is difficult to administer anything orally or physically control in general as he’s 7kg’s and a BIG cat.

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Re: FIV Lip/Mouth Ulcers

Post by Srousell » Tue Apr 10, 2018 10:09 pm

I am the owner of a middle aged FIV cat. He experienced severe mouth ulcers that resulted in an emergency vet visit to stop the bleeding. I find that soaking any food he receives in warm water beforehand helps to alleviate his pain and bleeding. My vet prescribed sucralfate tablets which are dissolved in water and then I use a syringe to coat his mouth. My boy fights me on it too as he hates having anything in or around his mouth. This mixture allows his ulcers to heal as well as helps alleviate bleeding. I swear by it! When the bleeding gets very bad he takes a dose of morphine to sleep it off as well as stop himself from agitating then further. Does your cat often groom himself? I know that is a huge contributor to ulcers and bleeding!

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