FIV Immune Support Supplements

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FIV Immune Support Supplements

Post by BrandtRant »

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share my positive experiences with immune support supplements that can be used to treat FIV cats. I'm not a veterinarian or an expert, but I have done quite a bit of research in this area and have come up with a successful treatment plan.:)
My cat Enoch was diagnosed 13 years ago and has been primarily asymptomatic for the majority of those years.
I took Enoch in for a check-up last March and his new vet was absolutely convinced that Enochs initial FIV test was a false positive- that's how healthy he is (toots horn)! I agreed to let the vet retest him for FIV and it did come back positive.

Here is a list of what I use and how I administer it:

1. NHV Felimm:
0.5 ml 2x/day.
Mix in with a small amount of soft food, or administer it orally if your cat will tolerate this.
Can purchase on Amazon

2. Lactoferrin:
250 mg
1 capsule per day
Mix in with a small amount of soft food.
Can purchase on Amazon

3. NOW Pets L-Lysine powder:
1 tsp. 1×/day.
Mix in with soft food.
Can purchase on Amazon

4. Basic multivitamin for cats:
Mix in with soft food.
Can purchase at Walmart.

5. Gorse Flower Essences:
This helps chronically ill pets to not fall into a depression. I buy Gorse on Amazon.

In addition to these supplements, I feed Enoch IAMS Senior dry kibble.

I keep his litter area, food and water bowls sanitized and provide him with fresh water daily.

I keep Enoch indoors and provide him with lots of stimulation to ensure that he does not get bored.

I keep a Feliway diffuser plugged in at all times to keep his stress levels at a minimum. I purchase the Feliway on Amazon.
I also make sure to keep his living environment-and mine-peaceful, happy, drama free and serene. I have one other cat who he gets along with really well, but no other animals that may stress him out.

I gently clean his nail beds daily with a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to prevent soft tissue infections. I keep his nails trimmed as well so that he doesn't snag them on something.

I give him catnip every few days and spend lots of time cuddling with him, petting him and telling him how handsome he is. :)

I hope that these ideas and suggestions will help someone else succeed in keeping their FIV kitties happy and healthy.

Take care and God bless you and your FIV+ furbaby!❤
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Re: FIV Immune Support Supplements

Post by Ethelbean- »

Thank you very much for the info! I currently have 2 cats, one with fiv and her baby. She really hasn't shown any symptoms except for diarrhea and recently I noticed some plaque. Today I noticed bloody stool in the litter box, but did not see who left it. A few weeks ago the vet gave her meds for her diarrhea and it seemed to have worked. Because of her plaque, I have been giving her an anti-plaque gel for her teeth. I've been using it for 3 days, so I wonder if that could be the cause? Have you ever experienced this? Also, how do you maintain your cats teeth?

Thank you!
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Re: FIV Immune Support Supplements

Post by Regina »

Thank you for the info, I have a stray I have taken in, he has FIV. His saliva is very thick and even comes thru his nose. He has been here since December and I have taken him to the vet 4 times and also had him neutered and had his teeth cleaned. He just had 2 steroid shots about 3 weeks ago. I am going to buy these supplements you have listed. Is there anything I can give him to keep the saliva from being so bad. He seems to choke on it at times. Thank you in advance.
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