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Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:30 am
by serenitychild
hi all about 11 months ago i found a stray kitten on the beach and brought her home. she was a tiny little thing full of fleas and a horrible eye infection. it took her to the vet the day after bringing her home and was told that she was severely malnourished and would not of lasted another 2 days on her own. she was given a flea treatment and wormed by the vet and sent home. all seemed well for the last few months she was a happy normal kitty who visited the vet 3 times since i found her, for her first vaccination then n to be neutered and then again for a second vaccination and then a third just to make sure she was at a healthy weight. the vet said all was well. fast forward to the present day. about 2 weeks ago i realized that my furbaby wasnt as active as she usually is. i summed it up to her just growing out of her kitten phase. but as the days progressed i realized that her appetit started to dwindled and she started hiding under the bed. i took her to the vet on the 7th of july and blood work was done i was told that my baby was fiv positive.i was devastated to say the least. the vet said that they would keep her overnight because she was dehydrated and probably had an infection and she would need to be put on drips and antibiotics.i came home and did as much research as possible about the virus and was comforted knowing that a cat can live a long happy life with fiv. 2 days passed and i got the call from the vets office saying that all was well and i could bring my furbaby home. i was given antibiotics and a multivitamins for furbaby to be given at home. brought her home around noon and all seemed well except for her back legs which she seemed to be dragging a bit but i figured it was because she was at the vet in those cage like things that they put them in with not much room for her to walk and that she was just a bit stiff because of that well until around 9pm that same day i realized that she was just laying around on her side and wasnt moving. i called her name and she barely was able to lift her head.took her back to the vet and was told that the issue with her legs could be neurological and that they would have to run some more test to find out what the problem was.the last 3 days havnt been so good i was told that they had to manually express her bladder because she was peeing on her own and she hasnt eaten and that shes still on drips and a stronger course of antibiotics. her backlegs are still limp and she still cant walk. today the 14th of july i got a call from the vet saying that she ate a tiny bit today but still no progress with her legs. a little good news is better than no good news at all. the vet cant pinpoint exactly whats wrong with my baby and i cant find anything on the internet with fiv and the symptoms that my baby has. i know fiv damages the immune system and therefore it wont be a quick fix with her getting better and patience and love is key to her recovery. but i just wanted to know if anyone else out there has a furbaby with fiv who has experienced anything similar to what my pookie is going through and what they were told by their vet.