Potential Home Available For FIV+ or other Last Chance Cat/s

FIV Cats Needing Homes & Homes Offered
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Potential Home Available For FIV+ or other Last Chance Cat/s

Post by The Craft-E-Kittens » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:38 pm

Hi guys, not quite sure if this post is okay? If not, sorry - please feel free to remove it...

Having unfortunately (heart-breakingly) said goodbye to two of our senior fur-family over the past two months and given ourselves a little time to heal / adjust.... we now have space available in the cat cabin to carry on our work of offering a loving home, calming environment and ancillary help to those finding themselves on death row for no other reason than they are sufferers of FIV+, CRF or many other "too hard to look after" disorders.
Of course, we're not saying we'll take in any and all needy beauties (as much as we'd love to!) but I'm tentatively putting out feelers in case anyone knows of anyone / any cat that needs a last ditch attempt/offer rather than putting another scared, lonely, lost and heartbroken beauty to sleep :-(

Our current girls (9yrs & 14.5yrs) are both very friendly senior ladies who are just a little sad and miserable since losing their adopted sister and brother in such a short space of time. One is FIV+ with Asthma (9yrs), the other has Alopecia, Vestibular Disorder and Allergic Dermatitis.
One of our strict stipulations however is that any new additions to the family MUST stay within the large purpose built cabin for their (and our current residents) safety and well-being so we unfortunately can't offer a home to a cat that needs to be able to roam in / out. This decision is final.

We look forward to possibly hearing from you in the future....

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