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FIV+ Male in Cumbria

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:13 am
by ktm
Hello all. We have been adopted by a little stray who we have named Casper, a desperately cute little stray.

About a year ago he started to come in through the cat flap and eat the food of our other two cats. We started to feed him and he gradually moved in (much to the upset of Louis our other male) so we decided to get Casper neutered last week in the hope it would settle him down. It was then it was discovered that he was FIV+.

I'm very much minded to keep Casper on and hope he and Louis can settle their differences, but unfortunately my wife is not so keen and insists that he should be rehomed to prevent any "risk" to the other two. A difficult situation...

If anyone can offer Casper a lovely home please let me know. Or if anyone can give my wife a good talking to that would be much appreciated too!

Thanks for your time.


Re: FIV+ Male in Cumbria

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:51 am
by Crewella
Hi Kevin, firstly good on you for taking care of this boy. As someone who recently took on a cat that tested FIV+ I do understand your wife's concerns, but there are more and more studies showing that FIV+ cats can live alongside non FIV+ cats - having read all I could I made the decision to keep him and integrate him with the rest of the household (four others). Sadly, the old chap's heart gave out on him (not FIV related - he was elderly and in a dreadful state when he arrived), but having learned about FIV I have now taken on another (Paddington, further down this forum) who has settled in well.

This website is hugely helpful, and they will happily give further advice if contacted:

It might also help to have a read of the Cat Chat advice page on introductions to see if that might smooth the introductions process:

Re: FIV+ Male in Cumbria

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:52 pm
by jillyvillyvoo
Hi. I too recently took in an fiv pos cat. I kept him away from my 13 year old cat initally and had every intention of finding his owner or another home. This forum gave me the info you have been given and I really think if you contact bob and barbra and give your wife the free book they send you, she too, like myself will have the confidence to keep hIm. My 2 tolerate each other pretty well now and keeping him was the best decision I made. It is a very easy read and enjoyable booklet, not actually a book as such. Just get it for her and give her it :D . Good luck and great stuff for taking him on in the first place .

Re: FIV+ Male in Cumbria

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:36 pm
by ktm
Hi - thank you all for your supportive comments and advice - the good news is that Casper is now staying with us!

The booklet from Bob & Barbara was a real winner!

He's been isolated into the sitting room while we start to try to settle him into his new home after we had a bit of a problem this morning when he ran upstairs and came across Polly our 11 year old lady and went to attack her for no reason - she wasn't hissing or anything to show aggression and I just managed to pick her up before Casper attacked her with claws (I think he may have scratched her once but no bites) but it was my ankle that bore the brunt of the attack!

I have no experience of introducing a stray into a house with other cats, so would be grateful for advice or pointers on what to do - is the procedure the same as for a domesticated cat, or do different rules apply? He has been coming inside to sleep for quite a while now, but always downstairs, now he is getting more adventurous and going upstairs too - so I'd like to avoid conflict as much as possible.

Thanks for listening.


Re: FIV+ Male in Cumbria

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:21 pm
by jillyvillyvoo
Hi Kevin
That's great you are keeping him.Our situation was a bit different but pepsi was a stray that also adopted us. We kept him isolated in his own room first with food, water litter tray and toys etc. I think I mentioned before we were trying everything to locate his owner and no real intention of keeping him. Like you a visit to the vet confirmed he was fiv pos and we panicked and managed to get him a rescue place. We decided our room was much better for him and agreed to keep him till an owner was found. Anyway long and short of it was I decided to educate myself on fiv and the rest is history but if it wasn't for this site and bob and barbra it would have been different! It took only a few weeks to integrate them and always supervised. Pepsi would go back into his own room at bedtime, or Sonny in with us untill they were completely at ease with each other. Now they are left to their own devices at night time and sometimes lie on the same bed together, although they usually pick different parts of the house. We love him to bits now, even though I don't think our sonny feels the same they tolerate each other. There has been some play fighting but from what I have read it would need to be a nasty bite to infect. Vets are not always of this opinion but I will go with the book as they have researched this far more than any vet I know of. At worst,even if one of yours did contract fiv it doesn't mean it will shorten their life either, or make them sick either. It reminds me of when hiv became known and people were so ignorant, can you get it from cutlery, kissing, shaking hands, toilets etc..... we have come a long way in our understanding through research and facts, unfortunately funds etc mean feline fiv doesn't get that same research and we have to rely on amazing people like Bob and Barbara to give us honest facts and to care enough to do this. Sorry for the long post I just know you have done the best thing. I'm sure Casper will appreciate it some day ....or not.... you know how they can be :lol: . Anyway well done you and big hug for your wife for changing her mind. Big fuss for Casper and Polly too.

Re: FIV+ Male in Cumbria

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:17 pm
by bobbys girl
As regulars on here will know, our boy Bob if FIV+. We found him when he was a tiny kitten. He was born with a nerve-damaged leg, a bit wonky but otherwise fine, until the leg became infected and would not heal. It was then we found out he was FIV+.

He had his leg amputated, it was touch and go for a while, but now he is great. Our other four cats were and still are FIV-. I have no worries that Bob will infect any of them.

Other folks on here will have better advice on how to introduce Casper to your other cats. I just want to thank you for giving Casper a home. Keep in touch.

Best wishes