Cuddle Monster Looking for Home FIV+ ESSEX

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Cuddle Monster Looking for Home FIV+ ESSEX

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Currently living with me in Essex is cuddle monster Jeff ( also known as secret cat ) He was living in the carpark outside my work with a female tortie and two kittens ( likely his ) one of the kittens unfortunately was hit by a car and didn't make it but Mum and the other kitten have since been taken into CP and rehomed! Sadly Jeff as was an un-neutered stray ( wasn't coming near people at first ) he was lower on the list to get taken in ( I totally understand, kitten season is hectic)... so as weeks have gone by and trust built up and the worry for his safety grew I put up an outside enclosure ( I have three cats already ) and bought him home. He has been chipped and snipped and given the all clear health wise - except his FIV test came back positive. At the moment he isn't vaccinated. I did have a home lined up for him however, since the test results, they have retracted their offer :( even though I have explained he's not really any different to any other cat! I can't keep him as I have 3 cats already and live in a rented property.
He is a very affectionate cat, loves cuddles/belly strokes and often when I put his food down he chooses cuddles over food! You can even touch all his feet and look in his mouth and ears - no problems! He uses a litter tray, loves a brush and plays with toys and takes treats nicely with no aggression. He's fine going into a carrier and no problem in the car. He hasn't scratched any furniture and he hasn't sprayed anywhere. He is estimated around 2 years old and a beautiful grey and black short haired tabby with bright green eyes. He prefers chicken and meat pouches for his dinners over fish pouches and likes Licky-licks as treats!! He is still on the waiting list and I've been contacting other rescues but I'd really just like to give him the best chance of a loving safe home as quickly as possible as that is what he deserves! Essex preferred xx
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Re: Cuddle Monster Looking for Home FIV+ ESSEX

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Firstly I want to say thank you for looking after this cat so well. It is really lovely to hear that you're keeping him safe and loved whilst you look for a home for him. I'm going to pop a few links below that may be useful for you and help him find is furever home soon:

This one has lots of links to places in Essex for you to contact:

This has tips and advice for finding a home:

And finally, because it's beginning to get colder, here's some information about keeping him safe outside until you find a home for him: ... s-wildlife

Good luck, and thank you once again for taking care of him so well. :D
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Re: Cuddle Monster Looking for Home FIV+ ESSEX

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If he's still around I might be able to have him but I live in Northampton.
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